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Originally trained as a toy maker, Ricky found his passion for teaching 15 years ago when he hired a tiny 8ft by 8ft workspace in Highgate Newtown Community Centre to make toys but soon discovered himself making time to teach young children wood work skills. Many of the children he taught were not doing so well in the traditional school setting, something Ricky personally related to, but they appeared to thrive when learning to work with wood. Now, with 15 years under his belt, there’s no surprises as to what a bit of wood can do for someone’s confidence. Ricky is incredibly skilled at passing on his woodwork knowledge and skills to people of any age and ability and he always does so with an abundance of patience and good humour.

Camilla’s passion is for finding creative, workable solutions and it’s not surprising she’s got an eye for detail - it’s in her genes coming from a family of charitable architects! After graduating from the London School of Printing her creativity was applied initially to designing album covers for Zomba music, and now with a 20 year graphic design career, also  has her own busines Declutter with Comfort where she uses her solution based creativity to help people design and organise homes that they are comfortable in.

Combining all these skills with a sense of colour, space and design, she is exceptional at creating well-conceived designs in the workshop where she brilliantly helps women and children imagine their ideas and bring them to life in wood.

The quality of Camilla’s, organisation and attention to detail are excellent and although Camilla’s own style is contemporary, minimalist and bold she does not impose that on others and has a real aptitude for listening to individual participants to realise their own style in their woodwork designs.

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Islington Youth Worker

Working as a tight knit unit, Ricky, Honey and Camilla make up the small team at Wood That Works. Each bring their own diverse set of skills which makes Wood That Works such a unique place to learn. 

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Ted talks about woodwork all week and every night before he goes to sleep he asks if it is Thursday tomorrow so he can go to woodwork! I have never seen him so enthusiastic about anything and it is a joy to see

Local Mum - Hattie

Wood That Works has elicited skills from young people that they had never dreamed of and has enabled us to demonstrate this self-belief can be applied in other areas

Honey’s deep-seated fascination with how the human brain learns to make sense of our complex world took her on a long academic journey which first led to a Doctorate in Developmental Cognitive Psychology, then qualifying as a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and working for 15 years in a primary school serving some of London’s poorest and most disadvantaged children. Observing that not all children thrive and reach their full potential in a heavily academic school setting, Honey looked for alternative creative and practical learning opportunities for the children she worked with, which lead to a collaboration with Ricky and the discovery of just how liberating and transformative working with real tools and wood could be. Energised by the accomplishments of the work with children, Honey developed a women’s woodwork workshop as a female empowerment programme that enables women to connect with other women, be creative, learn practical skills, build confidence and develop a stronger sense of independence and belonging at the same time (link to women’s woodwork workshops).




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