Working directly with Camden Youth Offending Service for the last eight years, Wood That Works and Ricky have given young offenders a place to carry out their compulsory “reparation hours” serving a meaningful contribution to the community. The work is constructive for the young person, helping them to engage with a side of themselves that can move them away from offending behaviour.


Ricky’s calm and approachable manner, coupled with a good knowledge of his craft, enables the young people to learn from the activity, gaining not only knowledge of carpentry, but also developing good social and communication skills. Several of the young people have been so inspired by Ricky and working with wood they have gone onto to study carpentry at college.


The workshop is a relaxed and friendly working space where women of all backgrounds and levels of experience can come together to learn and share skills, explore creative ideas, build new relationships and challenge themselves.


Started in the midst of lockdown with a short posting on local website, Next Door, Wood That Works has, so far, gifted new skills to over forty women, many of whom have acknowledged improvements in physical and mental well-being and by broadening the women’s skill-base several have even seen an opening up of work opportunities.


Beyond the introductory course, the workshops are consciously non-prescriptive and encourage self-reliance. This means that as long as the women can imagine it they can make it !


Watch women's workshop film HERE



In our fun sessions, children are immersed in the full creative experience of woodwork from design to planning and making. Our courses are taught in a fully equipped workshop where children learn to use real tools to make and build wooden objects out of upcycled wood.


Wood That Works partners with local schools to enrich children’s educational experiences with practical skills which have long term benefits and are readily transferable to the real world. Our curriculum enrichment programme aids children by providing opportunities that consolidate and extend classroom learning which helps to develop problem-solving, creativity, imagination, focus, attention, resilience, confidence, and engenders self-esteem when they make something they can feel proud about.


In collaboration with our neighbours at Highgate Newtown Community Centre, we are offering children living on the Whittington Estate woodworking experience. Children gain practical skills in carpentry and, at the same time, are encouraged to think about issues of sustainability and their environment. By making planters out of upcycled wood and planting seasonal plants the children will gain confidence so that they feel able make a difference to the natural world on their doorstep and beyond.

Anyone that has worked with wood knows that there is something inherently therapeutic about it. The slow pace, the calming environment, the textures, the distinctive smell of the wonderful variety of woods combine to create a unique and interactive experience that restores and energises the mind in a practical way.


Why woodwork?


Women's woodwork workshops


Youth Reparation


Wood That Works CIC offers skills in traditional woodworking, and assists communication between some of our most challenging young people, in an informal way enabling further engagement in positive activity

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