Wood That Works


community interest company (CIC) that works hard to ensure we are financially self-supporting so that we can continue to provide a vibrant social and educational hub where local people of all ages and backgrounds feel safe to come together, build new relationships, learn practical skills and help save our planet. We raise some funds through making and selling hand crafted objects in local shops, seasonal fairs and through our online shop. We also rely on the generous support of the public and our sponsors and every penny we receive is put

back into the company to help maintain operating costs and fund free workshop sessions for children and adults.


We are grateful for any and all donations, big or small. You can make a donation Via our go family page ( by scanning the URL code below.














Or, if you would prefer to donate by cheque, please send it to our workshop (made payable to ‘Wood That Works (wellbeing) community interest company 66B Stoneleigh Terrace, N19 5TZ.


(Wellbeing) is a

scan me

will help buy tools for our community projects.


will pay for children in low-income families to attend a woodwork session.

will pay for an adult on benefits or

financially impacted by Covid -19 to attend a woodwork session.

Your donations will help ensure we are able to continue to provide woodwork sessions for children and adults in need within our community.


The Wood That Works lessons have been so transformative for me;  I had been interested in woodwork for many years but was afraid to try anything at home as I was really afraid of power tools.  From the very first lesson in the Workshop I was blown away by the support and comradery and the connection offered by the teachers and everyone else who also attended the workshop.  The president of support set out by the teachers had such a snowball effect on everyone and very quickly they built a community of people that were so kind and supportive to one another it soon turned into everyone’s “Happy Place” to be and certainly for me and I do think for most, the absolute highlight of their week. I had been suffering with high anxiety levels as I had stopped working previously to be a carer for a family member, and then consecutively had cared for two further family members, which can be incredibly stressful. Financially I would not have been able to continue lessons, so the opportunity to attend some funded lessons feels like a real lifeline for me.  Being in the Workshop for a couple of hours, literally is just like flicking the switch of anxiety to OFF for a couple of hours as when you’re in the Workshop you just concentrate on what you are doing and focus on your project, so no time for any intrusive thoughts. And the humour in the Workshop brings such light relief, it’s such a happy and relaxed place to be.


It also felt incredibly safe, being taught how to use all of the equipment safely and correctly, with a gentle supervision enabled us all to get a level of confidence with the power tools. As I have dyspraxia, I was particularly cautious before trying any of the tools but conquered all of my previous fears.


The thought of attending a session in the workshop can actually lift my spirits all week, having something to look forward to is a real emotional boost. I can’t thank the Wood That Works Team enough.


Alison - Camden

020 7272 3775



CIC no. 13340437